The Masked Singer

The Masks Competing On 'The Masked Singer' Season 2 Have Been Revealed!

See what costumes will hit the stage this season.
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Idris Elba

Idris Elba Chats with The TJ Show

Idris Elba chats with TJ and Loren about his love for DJing, using his platform for good, and being determined to put out a rap album. He also chats about his new single "Boasty," reprises his role as Shere Khan from the Jungle Book to leave a message for TJ's daughter Charlee Jane, and admits he...
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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Gets MTV Reality Show 'Lohan Beach Club'

The show focuses on her beach club in Mykonos, Greece.
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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's #DarkAndRealAF 'Hollywood Love Story' Debuts Tomorrow

The online show chronicles the lives of people who want to be Internet famous.
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Nickelodeon Slime

Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back 'Double Dare!'

The iconic show is giving us 40 new episodes!
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TJ's Podcast Thursday 4/26/18: Thursday isn't Boring

Thursday isn't boring, being friends with your friend's ex, a listener thinks TJ is mean to Corinne, TJ's Street Match game, a baker confronts Producer Matt about his cookie review, Loren made her husband kill a spider and Producer Matt makes people uncomfortable after offering them an umbrella.
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Loren & Logic

TJ's Podcast Monday 4/9/18: Producer Matt's Bar Stars All Star

Producer Matt's Bar Star All Star, a listener created her own podcast, Morgan James was kicked off her label, TJ's Street Match game and Loren interviewed Logic.
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The TJ Show & Vivian

TJ's Podcast Friday 3/23/18: Doing Nice Things for Strangers

TJ tries to do nice things for strangers, Jess is abandoning TJ this weekend, TJ's Street Match game, a dude flies everywhere for free thanks to pudding and violinist Vivian stops by the show.
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Producer Matt & Malcolm Mitchell

TJ's Podcast Tuesday 2/27/18: Tantrum Tuesday

Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, TJ's Street Match game featuring Patriots' Malcolm Mitchell, Corinne thought the AMP Live was with Greg David, how do you lie to your kids and Therapy with Judah.
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TJ's Podcast 1/22/18: The Pats are in the Super Bowl!

Pats win, TJ's Street Match game, Charlee Jane is being brainwashed, Jess' family likes the Eagles, Producer Matt's Bar Stars and describe the TJ Show.
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