Queer Eye

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Queer Eye Has Been Renewed for 2 More Seasons

Yassssss, Netflix's breakout show 'Queer Eye' has been renewed for an additional 2 seasons. This means more Fab 5 than ever before and We. Can't. WAIT! Have you missed us? (We missed you too. --) We’re back in Kansas City for Season 4, July 19. ---- pic.twitter.com/6H0eIwLg8i — Queer Eye (@QueerEye...
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WATCH: Betty Who Remixes 'Queer Eye' Theme Song

Betty Who just released a fabulous new remix of the “All Things (Keep Getting Better)” theme song from the hit Netflix series Queer Eye.
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'Queer Eye' Season 2 To Premiere on Netflix in June

Netflix announced on Thursday (May 23) that season two of the hit show will premiere on June 15.
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Netflix Renews Both 'Queer Eye' & 'Nailed It' For Second Seasons

Netflix just announced that both Queer Eye and Nailed It! were picked up for second seasons on the streaming service.
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Love Is Real! Tom From The First Episode of Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Got Engaged!

Tom Jackson, who starred in the first episode of the popular Queer Eye series on Netflix, says the he and his ex-wife, Abby, are engaged!
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