Week of 2/15/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

Week of 2/15/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

Week of 2/15/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio Description: TJ’s Street Match Game, Charlee Jane is sick on Valentine’s Day, Loren calls in with an update, Corinne thinks her boyfriend forgot Valentine’s Day, TJ experiments with Phones Listening to us, TJ met listeners over the weekend, Boston...
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TJ Show Corinne

Week of 2/4/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

Week of 2/4/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio TJ’s Street Match Game, Matt interviewed Fans at the Patriots Parade, Activity Ideas for Grandparents, More from the Parade, a Listener has Advice for Corinne’s Eye Problems, a fan of the show saw Matt at the Parade.
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TJ Show Podcast 11/15

TJ's Podcast Thursday 11/15/18

Corinne fills in for Loren
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TJ Show Charlie Davies

TJ's Podcast Tuesday 10/16/18: Charlie Davies

Yelling ‘Go Pats!’ at Strangers, Tantrum Tuesday, Charlie Davies from the New England Revolution, TJ’s Street Match Game, Overhead Bins on Planes, Therapy with Judah
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The TJ Show

TJ's Podcast Friday 9/21/18: Charlee Pranks her Grandpa Again

"Lost" Red Sox banner update, why dogs roll in dead things, TJ's Street Match game, Nick went to Loren's for lunch, Charlee pranked her grandpa again, Pats preview and Corinne likes to vape.
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Loren & TJ

TJ's Podcast Wednesday 9/19/18: Awful Agenda Man

Jess calls with an update on Charlee's preschool adventures, Producer Matt returns as Awful Agenda Man, listener calls, TJ's Street Match game and Loren's husband felt the baby move for the first time.
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Charlie Puth

Loren's LoDown: Charlie Puth Wishes He Could've Helped Mac

Charlie Puth wishes he could've helped Mac Miller, Gaga is getting Oscar buzz and Drake once asked Heidi Klum out.
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Baby Loren & Baby Bosso

TJ's Podcast Friday 8/10/18: LOREN IS PREGNANT!

Loren is pregnant!!! Patriots pre-seaon chatter, Loren tells strangers she is pregnant, Loren had lied about her pregnancy for months, TJ's Street Match game, Kenny chats about his relationship woes and Oreo cookies vs. Hydrox.
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The TJ Show & Emily

TJ's Podcast Thursday 8/9/18: Lying on a Date

TJ's friend Kenny lied to a girl, Loyal Nick is upset with TJ's coffee habits, TJ's Street Match game, style guru Emily Loftiss stops by and Charlee Jane discovers lightning
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TJ's Podcast Thursday 8/2/18: Giants Fans wish TB12 a Happy Birthday

Cardi B chats motherhood, Giants fans wish TB12 a happy birthday, how did a bug ruin your day, TJ's Street Match game and Loren has a Day Date planned with Charlee Jane.
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