Baby Willa & Luna

TJ's Podcast Monday 7/16/18: Charlee Jane's New Game

Charlee Jane invented a new game, a jaguar escaped the zoo, Producer Matt's Bar Stars, TJ has some concerns, TJ's Street Match game, Loren had an underwear incident and dogs are only using us.
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103.3 AMP Radio Listeners

TJ's Podcast Friday 7/13/18: Build A Bear Debacle

Build a Bear debacle recap, a lottery mishap, Nick saw a great documentary, TJ's Street Match game, listener calls and Shark Awareness Day.
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Cardi B

TJ's Podcast Thursday 7/12/18: Cardi B's Baby Songs

Cardi B's new album of kid songs, TJ's Street Match game, comedian Will Noonan stops by, a follow-up with Corinne and TJ spent time with Charlee Jane.
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TJ & Loren

TJ's Podcast Wednesday 7/11/18: Corinne Parks in the Fire Lane

Corinne parks in the fire lane, Producer Matt throws shade, toilets with weak flushes are the worst, Producer Matt saw David Blaine, listener calls, TJ's Street Match game, Erin O'Malley stops by and more fire lane drama.
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TJ's Podcast Tuesday 7/10/18: Tantrum Tuesday

Miss America swimsuit controversy, Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, Starbucks is done with straws, Jimmy Kimmel is addicted to wifi, TJ's Street Match game and listener calls.
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TJ & Jess

TJ's Podcast Friday 6/8/18: The Fenway Yank Prank

The Fenway Yank Prank, TJ is considering a face tattoo, Julian Edelman, listener DMs.
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TJ's Podcast Thursday 4/26/18: Thursday isn't Boring

Thursday isn't boring, being friends with your friend's ex, a listener thinks TJ is mean to Corinne, TJ's Street Match game, a baker confronts Producer Matt about his cookie review, Loren made her husband kill a spider and Producer Matt makes people uncomfortable after offering them an umbrella.
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Loren & TJ with the Beverly Fire Department

TJ's Podcast 4/17/18: Matt's Wedding Struggles

Producer Matt shares some wedding struggles, Therapy with Judah, a listener's dog killed a bunny, Tantrum Tuesday and TJ's Street Match game.
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Loren & Logic

TJ's Podcast Monday 4/9/18: Producer Matt's Bar Stars All Star

Producer Matt's Bar Star All Star, a listener created her own podcast, Morgan James was kicked off her label, TJ's Street Match game and Loren interviewed Logic.
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The TJ Show & Vivian

TJ's Podcast Friday 3/23/18: Doing Nice Things for Strangers

TJ tries to do nice things for strangers, Jess is abandoning TJ this weekend, TJ's Street Match game, a dude flies everywhere for free thanks to pudding and violinist Vivian stops by the show.
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