Anne Marie with The TJ Show

TJ's Podcast Monday 9/17/18: Listener Amanda has a Cold

Listener Amanda has a cold, trap music for kids, Producer Matt's Bar Stars, Anne Marie stops by the show, Loren and Matt made announcements at Sears, TJ's Street Match game, TJ stole a gift for the show and Corinne stops by.
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Emily Blunt

Loren's LoDown 9/17/18: Mary Poppins Trailer is Here!

The Mary Poppins trailer is here, Rihanna surprises fans at the mall and Stranger Things' David Harbour officiated his fans' wedding.
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Love to Merrimack

TJ's Podcast Friday 9/14/18: Loren's Exclusive Ed Sheeran Interview

Loren's exclusive interview with Ed Sheeran, TJ's true crime show challenge, TJ's Street Match game, Merrimack Valley fires and Corinne wanted to name her daughter Charlee.
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Bieber & Baldwin

Loren's LoDown 9/14/18: Justin & Hailey Married?

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin might be married, Modern Family is killing off a significan character this season and Chrissy Teigen is collaborating with Target.
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Loren's Badass Chick

Loren's Badass Chicks: Susan Chaityn Lebovits & Beth Freeman

Loren highlights this week's Badass Chicks, Susan Chaityn Lebovits & Beth Freeman, creators of Boston Cancer Support.
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The TJ Show Patriots Gear

TJ's Podcast Thursday 9/13/18: Kenny’s DM Debacle

TJ’s Friend Kenny wants to DM his Ex, TJ’s Street Match Game, a Fight Broke out at a Food Truck, Loren has a pregnancy update.
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Loren's LoDown 9/13/18: Is Beyonce #TeamNicki?

They Beyhive thinks Beyonce is #TeamNicki, XTina says she would collab with Britney and Scooter Braun chats Justin Bieber's turnaround.
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Loyal Nick & Oakland

TJ's Podcast Wednesday 9/12/18: Arts & Crafts

TJ does arts & crafts, Producer Matt's Fenway Yank Prank, Amazon is selling Christmas trees, Loren's pregnancy update and TJ's Street Match game.
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Mark Wahlberg

Loren's LoDown 9/12/18: Mark Wahlberg's Daily Diet is HUGE

Mark Wahlberg's daily diet is INSANE(LY HUGE), Matthew McConaughey's co-star didn't know who he was and Rihanna assures us that new music is coming soon.
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Baby Loren & Baby Bosso

Baby Bosso Blog: Sept 12

Loren keeps it real and recaps the last month of her pregnancy.
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