Post Malone

Loren's LoDown 10/2/18: Post Malone Debuts Spider-Man Song

Post Malone shares a clip of his upcoming song for Spider-Man, Emma Stone is going to be in Paul McCartney's new music video and Ed Sheeran was at a pub in Connecticut.
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Cardi B

Loren's LoDown 10/1/18: Cardi B Turning Herself In?

Cardi B is allegedly turning herself in for a crime, Gwyneth Paltrow got married and G-Eazy confirms his relationship with Halsey.
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The TJ Show, Dan & Jimmy

Dan Cummings of Journey Forward Chats with TJ

President and founder of Journey Forward, Dan Cummings, stops by the TJ Show.
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Loren's Badass Chick

Loren's Badass Chick: Amy Webb & Heather Quintal

Loren highlights this week's Badass Chicks, Amy Webb and Heather Quintal.
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Loren's LoDown 9/26/18: Gisele Opens Up About Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts

Gisele opens up about her anxiety and suicidal thoughts, Taraji P. Henson's Cardi B impression is solid and Oprah is coming to UMass Lowell!
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Nicki Minaj

Loren's LoDown 9/25/18: Did Nicki Minaj Threaten Future Over Cardi B?

Did Nicki Minaj in fact threaten Future not to work with Cardi B? Also Ariana Grande isn't touring any time soon and Childish Gambino broke his foot.
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Kevin Hart

Loren's LoDown 9/24/18: Kevin Hart Taking Over HQ Trivia

Kevin Hart is hosting HQ Trivia, North West made her runway debut and Cardi B wants her own time at the Super Bowl Half Time show.
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The TJ Show

TJ's Podcast Friday 9/21/18: Charlee Pranks her Grandpa Again

"Lost" Red Sox banner update, why dogs roll in dead things, TJ's Street Match game, Nick went to Loren's for lunch, Charlee pranked her grandpa again, Pats preview and Corinne likes to vape.
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Alec Baldwin

Loren's LoDown 9/21/18: Alec Baldwin Coming Back to SNL to Play Trump

Alec Baldwin is playing Trump on SNL this year again, Michael B Jordan is the new face of Coach and Carrie Underwood receives Walk of Fame star.
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Loren's Badass Chick

Loren's Badass Chick: Heather Costa

Loren highlights this week's Badass Chick, Heather Costa of Revolution Health Kitchen.
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