JD Julia Fenway

#TheScene: How Do Boston Red Sox Fans Feel About The Green Monster Being Painted Red?!

JD is always causing trouble at every Boston sports event... In this week's installment, he headed down to the home opener at Fenway Park to ask Boston Red Sox fans how they felt about the Green Monster being painted RED! Why is this happening? Because The Fenway Restoration Project -- NOT A REAL...
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A Listener Called JD Out for His Horrible Singing

A listener called out JD on Instagram for his obnixious singing, and I've never loved a comment more.
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Today is #NationalBurritoDay and I want to Celebrate Puppy Burritos Instead

What is a Puppy Burrito? It is the CUTEST thing in the whole wide world!!
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#TheScene attempts the #CarAlarmChallenge

We apologize in advance for the high pitch annoying noise that will probably give you a headache for at least 20 minutes.
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So MUCH March Madness Talk In The Office and I'm Like WHATS THE BIG DEAL?

All this talk about everyone wanting a perfect bracket, but no one can achieve it. Gosh! Doesn't anyone know ANYTHING about basketball?
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OKCupid is coming out with "Game of Thrones" Badges

This will help you find your lover AND your HBO and chill partner!
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JD Softball New

High School Softball Challenge!

Vote for your school here.
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March Madness Can Help You Make Big Life Decisions

Like how to pick what wedding you will attend out of the 500 million you were invited to this upcoming summer.
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JD Fills Out Greatest Bracket Ever

March Madness begins Thursday, March 21, 2019 and I am 100% confident that my bracket is the best bracket ever made.
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John Stamos Tattooed Nick Jonas On His Arm

And we are still not 100% positive if it is permanent or not..??
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