New Monopoly Game Pays Women More Than Men

Hasbro is making a game out of the gender pay gap. The toy company is launching a new version of their iconic board game Monopoly that emphasizes female trailblazers and actually pays women more than men, according to CNN . MEET MS. MONOPOLY! Mr. Monopoly's niece, a self-made investment guru, is...
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Rob Gronkowski

Gronk Really LOVES To Be Tickled

This is why we love him.
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DGA Dumb Game Association

DGA (Dumb Game Association) Playoffs with SOFI TUKKER

Who do you think took home the trophy?
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TJ's Podcast Wednesday 1/24/18: Brady's Perfect Exit Plan

Morning radio thoughts, TJ gives advice to high schoolers, Tom Brady's perfect exit plan, Producer Matt talks "baby talk" to strangers, Loren's dad iPhone hacking update and TJ's Street Match game.
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TJ's Podcast Tuesday 1/23/18: Tantrum Tuesday

Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, Loren's dad left a serious voicemail, TJ's Street match game, Therapy with Judah and Julie loves the bachelor.
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TJ's Podcast 1/22/18: The Pats are in the Super Bowl!

Pats win, TJ's Street Match game, Charlee Jane is being brainwashed, Jess' family likes the Eagles, Producer Matt's Bar Stars and describe the TJ Show.
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TJ's Podcast Friday 1/19/18: Sleazy Sales People

It's the weekend, Tom Brady's hand injury sucks, TJ's Street Match game, sleazy sales people are awful and TJ talks to listeners.
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TJ's Podcast Thursday 1/18/18: TJ Investigates Swallowing Gum

TJ investigates swallowing gum, TJ's Street Match game, someone physically bumped into Tom Brady and Vanessa & Tone Terra's Gridlock XL is getting extended.
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