103 Questions Troye Sivan

103 Questions: Troye Sivan

The singer talks about his most insane party story, his worst date ever, a huge upcoming collab, and Beyonce!
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Loren's LoDown 1/18/18: Cardi B Gets a Movie Deal

Cardi B gets a movie role, a Las Vegas tribute is taking place at the Grammys and the Chainsmokers release a new song (so does Justin Timberlake!).
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Loren's LoDown 12/18/17: Bieber has a Christmas-Themed Car

Bieber has wrapped his G-Wagon with a Christmas scene, Star Wars brought in $450M worldwide and Beyonce was not the first choice for Eminem's "Walk on Water."
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Loren's LoDown 11/9/17: Taylor Swift Wins CMA Award

Taylor Swift won a CMA Award last night, Drake is collecting Birkin Bags for his future wife and Chance the Rapper speaks at Chicago city council.
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