Amazon Driver Refused to Deliver Wine to 92-Year-Old Because She Didn’t Have an ID

When you turn 21, you look forward to getting carded for an alcohol purchase to prove you’re old enough. When you’re a few years over the legal age, getting carded tickles you because "you must look young." But there comes a point in your life when providing an ID for an alcohol purchase seems...
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Amazon’s Alexa Will Help You Change Subjects to Avoid Family Arguments on Christmas

Alexa is coming to your rescue this holiday season. Amazon’s smart speakers have a new feature called “distraction technique,” which means the virtual assistant will intervene when things get a little heated during the holidays. In short, Alexa will be on hand and ready to break up any arguments...
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Postal Worker Honors Wife's Request to Hide Packages From Husband

Some of us may be guilty of swiping our cards a bit too much for online shopping. For one woman, she was swiping so much, she wanted to hide it from her husband. A Facebook post is gaining a lot of attention after a Texas woman shared how a postal worker got her message with her doormat. Ebony...
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Samuel L. Jackson Is the New Voice of Amazon's Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa has always been helpful and easy going, apologizing when she’s unable to answer and softly delivering on your requests. Well, would you like something entirely different? Samuel L. Jackson has been announced as a new optional voice for all of Amazon’s Alexa devices, coming later this...
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Amazon Prime Box

There Are Over 100-Million Amazon Prime Users

Amazon finally revealed the number of users that pay for their service.
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