Meet My Wife

Meet My Wife

The host of 103.3 Amp Radio Boston’s “The TJ Show” presents a brand new
podcast series! "Meet My Wife" starts in a music recording studio with TJ’s
wife, Jess, sitting at a grand piano and accompanied by a full band. From
there TJ & Jess feature topics like how they first met, the fights they get
into (they even recorded themselves in the middle of an argument),
remembering the loss of their son Luca, and many other heartwarming and fun
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Society & Culture


Meet My Wife

01 - Introduction

TJ of Boston's 103.3 Amp Radio (The TJ Show) and his wife, Jess, kick off their brand new podcast series with a live band in a music recording studio! Jess...
Meet My Wife

02 - How We Met

TJ and Jess spend another episode in the recording studio. This time Jess sings a song about her history with TJ and how they started life together.
Meet My Wife

03 - What a Catch

Out of the music recording studio, TJ and Jess are forced to record the third episode of "Meet My Wife" in a grocery store parking lot.
Meet My Wife

04 - In the Middle of the Fight

As promised, TJ whipped out his recorder in the middle of his next fight with Jess. Jess is upset about how TJ spent his "vacation day" and they hash it out on...