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Loren's Badass Chick

Loren's Badass Chick: Hannah O'Brien

Loren highlights this week's Badass Chick, Hannah O'Brien, a teacher in Medford.
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TJ's Podcast Thursday 8/2/18: Giants Fans wish TB12 a Happy Birthday

Cardi B chats motherhood, Giants fans wish TB12 a happy birthday, how did a bug ruin your day, TJ's Street Match game and Loren has a Day Date planned with Charlee Jane.
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Demi Lovato

Loren's LoDown 8/2/18: Demi's Team Reportedly Offering an Ultimatum

Demi Lovato's team is reportedly giving her an ultimatum, Chance the Rapper is giving us more music and Charlie Sheen is going broke.
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Katy Perry

Loren's LoDown 8/1/18: Katy Perry Visits Sick Fan at Home

Katy Perry visits cancer patient at home, Queer Eye guys are releasing a book and Kanye West once asked Seth Rogen to come outside and play.
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Tiffany Haddish

Loren's LoDown 7/31/18: Tiffany Haddish Would be a Sex Ed Teacher

Tiffany Haddish would be a sex ed teacher if not an actress, Pete Davidson's Ariana Grande tattoo disappears and Mila Kunis details the road to marriage with Ashton Kutcher.
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Blake & Ryan

Loren's LoDown 7/30/18: Blake & Ryan Freak Out Over Daughter at T.Swift Show

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds freak out over daughter's "Gorgeous" cameo, Demi Lovato's backup dancer has spoken out and Bieber might not be releasing new music until after his wedding.
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Cardi B

Loren's LoDown 7/27/18: Cardi B Won't Join Bruno Mars on Tour

Cardi B won't be joining Bruno Mars on tour, Taylor Swift brings Hayley Kiyoko on stage and Lovatics stage a concert in place of Demi's canceled performance.
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Loren's Badass Chick

Loren's Badass Chick: Rachel Geller

Rachel Geller is a certified cat behaviorist who helps save over 400 cats each year for free.
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Taylor Swift

Loren's LoDown 7/26/18: Taylor Donates Tickets to Weymouth Police

Taylor Swift is donating tickets to the Weymouth Police department, Katy Perry said she's up for doing movies and Chrissy Teigen unknowingly played with a wasp.
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Steve D'Agrosa

TJ Interviews a Heroin-Addict-Turned-Pastor

TJs friend Steve DAgrosa shares his recovery story in the wake of Demi Lovatos hospitalization.
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