The TJ Show

Troy Brown

WATCH: Former Patriots Player Troy Brown Co-Hosts The TJ Show

Corinne had a big ask for him....
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Haley Reinhart

WATCH: Haley Reinhart Delivers Traffic Improv & Mouth Instrument Performances On The TJ Show

She is an amazing talent!
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Corinne told us her Dad partied with Tom Brady, TJ’s dog was snoring, Troy Brown visits the show, Corinne went to a listener’s birthday party, the LoDown, is Producer Matt Creepy or Cool? Corinne Embarrassed herself in front of Troy Brown, Respect your cat day, Tantrum Tuesday, a guy Scammed...
Producer Matt met two guys who never heard of Ariana Grande, TJ’s Wife Jess sings a song about her Typewriter, Corinne won’t pick up after her dog, Producer Matt talks to Ariana Grande fans, TJ’s wife Jess and Matt perform as a duet, Corinne’s money saving tips, TJ’s Street Match Game, Corinne uses...

Week of 3/15/2019: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Week of 3/15/2019: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO College Admissions Scandal, TJ Brought Matches on a Plane, The Kiss Count, TJ’s Mom tried to Print Something, Loren’s Friend got onstage with Kelly Clarkson, and Tantrum Tuesday.
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Loren's Badass Chick

Loren's Badass Chick: Helene Palmer

Loren highlights this week's Badass Chick, Helene Palmer: the reining Miss Pink 2018.
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The Ginormous Climb

The Ginormous Climb 2019!

Producer Matt will be participating again, sign up!
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