Would You Buy Adult Breast Milk?

Yes, you read that correctly.
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Happy Birthday Kourt!

Kourtney Kardashian turns 40 today, and she looks BANGING!
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My Life in One Tweet

I turned 31 this past December, and I relate to this tweet hardcore.
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Twitter is WILD and Compared Ben Affleck to Dunkin Donuts Drinks

Who loves Dunkin Donuts more than Ben Affleck? Exactly - NOBODY. So why not compare Ben Affleck's best looks to Dunkieees drinks?
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JD Julia Fenway

#TheScene: How Do Boston Red Sox Fans Feel About The Green Monster Being Painted Red?!

JD is always causing trouble at every Boston sports event... In this week's installment, he headed down to the home opener at Fenway Park to ask Boston Red Sox fans how they felt about the Green Monster being painted RED! Why is this happening? Because The Fenway Restoration Project -- NOT A REAL...
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Mike Might Be the Only Person EVER Who's Not Excited About Red Sox Opening Day Tomorrow!

"Who's with me pitches?"
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Official Funeral Announcement

Details came out where fans will be able to properly pay their respects to Nipsey.
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A Listener Called JD Out for His Horrible Singing

A listener called out JD on Instagram for his obnixious singing, and I've never loved a comment more.
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Today is #NationalBurritoDay and I want to Celebrate Puppy Burritos Instead

What is a Puppy Burrito? It is the CUTEST thing in the whole wide world!!
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