miss usa

Miss Utah USA First Openly Bisexual Contestant

Miss Utah USA 2020, Rachel Slawson, is Miss USA's first openly bisexual contestant.
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JD Picked To Be a Juror in Big Boston Case

JD was selected to be a juror for a big Boston case!
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Social Media

Best Celebrity 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder' Photo Trend

Many internet blogs and Memes' have hinted at the fact that each form of social media is for different personalities. A 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram' photo collage is trending and these celebrities did it best!
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Gronk Just Got a TikTok!

Althought we all still wish he was playing in the NFL, this is the next best thing! Rob Gronkowski just joined TikTok!
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Top Celebrity Instagram Posts This Week

Celebrities are always posting on Instagram, and these are some of our favorite posts this week!
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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Is LIVING on Her Hawaiian Vacation

Billie Eilish is on vacation in beautiful Hawaii, and we all wish we were with her.
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Meet John From Leominster

Every week, JD will bring us a fun fact about Boston to celebrate his 5th year in Beantown!
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It's Going to Be Mid 60s This Weekend in Boston

Record breaking temperatures are being forecasted for this weekend.
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Boston Skyline

In 4 Years a New Skyscraper Will Exist in Boston

A new skyscraper will grace the Boston skyline in four short years.
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#TheScene Patriots Re-Rap Week #15

Every week after the Patriots play, #TheScene recaps the game with their weekly "Patriots Re-Rap".
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