10 Minutes Of TJ

TJ is broadcasting from his living room, Street Match All Stars, The Sausage Guy calls in to talk about would-be Fenway Park Opening Day, TJ's wife Jess wakes up and joins the show, and Unpopular Opinions.
Governor Baker extended the Stay-at-Home Advisory, how the pandemic is affecting our home lives, a listener asks TJ to help wake up his daughter for homeschooling, Street Match All Stars, and Loren's neighbor broke social distancing rules.
Non-Essential Businesses are closed, Former Patriot Ted Karras calls in about his move to Miami, caller asks for people to donate platelets and blood, another listener talks about The National Guard response in MA, Loren talks about helping neighbors, Good stories amidst the bad news, and reaching...
Ted Karras

Ted Karras Talks Move To Miami, and Calling Bill Belichick About His "Intentions"

The former Patriots player talks about moving to the Miami Dolphins.
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