TJ recorded Corinne last night while she was drunk and in her "feelings."

May 4, 2018
Hot Mess Express Podcast

- TJ recorded Corinne last night while she was drunk and in her "feelings." She was talking about life lessons, goals, The Jersey Shore, and her hair extensions. Honestly it's quite entertaining.

- The TJ Show walks out on Corinne while she is talking because she doesn't know how to shut up. It gets very awkward but Corinne is a mess so whatever works.

- Corinne's concerned that taking a bath is unsanitary. Producer Nick also isn't a big bath person and evidently the listeners aren't either.

- Roommate Ryan continues with Ryan getting upset with Corinne. She left the ice tray empty in the freezer and Ryan flips out.

- Dad's tip of the day is about flossing but not with floss but with PAPER... What? I think Corinne's dad is going insane.

- Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow and everyone at the station is excited. Tone Terra and Corinne are in the mix when they call a friend who they thought was Mexican. The call gets weird when the friend calls out Tone for many things, including his small back pack. 

- Corinne steals once again. She can't keep her paws off anything at this point. She confesses what she stole from the web department. Eric is the head of the department and when he finds out what she stole he isn't happy and may even hate Corinne at this point.