Cash Cash Talk "Finest Hour" With Vanessa Hale

The trio caught up with V Hale before performing at AMP Live!

June 27, 2018
Vanessa Hale Cash Cash

Greg Caparell

This ain't my finest hour!

Cash Cash performed another exclusive set for 103.3 AMP Radio listeners last night and it was crazy! Before the show, I caught up with the guys and talked about their new single "Finest Hour" ft. Abir, the music video, and their Vegas residency.

For their new single, the Jersey boys reached out to Abir for the collaboration. "We heard her sing on a bunch of songs, she was really into the music we were putting out, so we just linked up and it worked out."

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When it comes to Las Vegas, the trio "still live East Coast, so it's a tough flight to do." They also teased what we can expect in the upcoming "Finest Hour" video -- maybe we'll see a raccoon?! 

Check out the full interview above!