BRUNCH: The Most Magical Meal

January 15, 2019



Brunch is life! You didn't ask my opinion, but, I'm gonna tell ya anyways ;) Brunch is bigger and badder than any other meal in existence. It's not JUST food and dranks. It's an experience. You teleport to a magical place filled with mimosas and more food than you actually need and it's UH-MAY-ZING.

You overeat and over drink and you fall in love with things instead of people. It's not a meal. IT"S AN EXPERIENCE!!! Whether it's with friends, family or strangers, it's destined to please. It's filled with laughs, ish talking and group cheers boomerangs! A few of my fav brunch hangs are Article 24 in Brighton, Met Back Bay and any Stephanie's locations. If you don't brunch, we cant be friends. J/K (but seriously who doesn't like brunch)

Enjoy the HILARIOUS video below of what happens when you try brunch. CHEERS!!!