Loren's LoDown 9/13/18: Is Beyonce #TeamNicki?

They Beyhive sure thinks so.

September 13, 2018

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A-Rod Gushes About JLo 

A-Rod gushed about J-Lo to Cigar Aficionado magazine, saying she's beautiful inside and out, and he loves the way she mothers her kids and the way she treats his own daughters. He also talked about how much he wants to get into the baseball hall of fame, yadda yadda… who cares. 


Ben, Henry Reportedly Out as Superheroes 

Ben Affleck is reportedly out as Batman, which comes on the heels of rumors that Henry Cavill is out as Superman. 


Michelle Obama Doing Book Tour 

Michelle Obama is coming to the TD Garden on November 24th as part of her book tour. It's being billed as an intimate conversation with the former first lady. It'll be discussing her book Becoming, which is out November 13th. Friends and family members are set to be joining her on the stage as well.


Taylor, Ed Joke About AMAs

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran went hiking yesterday and made a little video. They talked about how they're both up against one another -- and Drake -- at the AMAs… and they definitely agree on who's going to win. Taylor also roasted Ed for his lack of cardio skills. 

Safe to say whoever wins the AMA for fav pop/rock album will be an artist who writes songs about love and heartbreak -- YOU get to decide who it’ll be. Vote at the link in my bio @AMAs

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Did Beyonce Go #TeamNicki?

The Beyhive thinks that Beyonce has chosen sides in the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B fight. Beyonce posted a picture of Nicki Minaj's old mug shot to her web site. She and Jay have used the photo in their shows, but it's the first time Beyonce has posted the photo to her official web site.


Ryan Gosling Surprises Toronto Coffee Shop 

This is great. A coffee shop in Toronto started a 10-day Twitter campaign to get fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling to stop by when he was in town the other day. They posted a bunch of pictures of a cut-out of Ryan all around the coffee shop an around town… and it caught his eye, because he ended up stopping by! The owner said he was extremely sweet and made her feel like he genuinely was excited to meet her. So cute. 


Cardi B Responds to Nicki Minaj 

Looks like Cardi B has subtly responded to Nicki Minaj's accusations that she paid and slept her way to get radio airplay. Cardi posted a video of herself performing in 2016, captioning it "No label, no radio play, fresh out of Love & Hip Hop, only $200k in my bank account, my first tour. Nobody can make you feel like you cheated yourself or you don't deserve to be where you at when you KNOW you worked yourself to the top. Thank you Bardigang! You been here since the Get Go!" BTW -- Cardi's supposedly putting out a new song next week. 

7/29/2016! NO LABEL ,NO RADIO PLAY,FRESH OUT OF LOVE AND HIP HOP,ONLY 200K IN MY BANK ACCOUNT ,MY FIRST TOUR !!!nobody can make you feel like you cheated yourself or you don’t deserve to be where you at when you KNOW YOU WORKED YOURSELF TO THE TOP !!! THANK YOU BARDIGANG !YOU BEEN HERE SINCE THE GET GO!

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Christina Aguilera Says Yes to Britney Collab

Christina Aguilera was on Kimmel last night and said she said she wouldn't be opposed to doing a song with Britney. 


Selena Gomez Hits Back at Gabbana

Remember a while back I told you that Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana said that Selena Gomez was ugly? Welp, Apparently Selena didn't forget… because she stepped out the other day wearing rhinestones in her hair that spell… you guessed it… ugly. Ha!


Scooter Braun Chats Bieber 

Scooter Braun was on Van Lathan's podcast and talked about Justin Bieber's transformation from kid who was getting DUIs in Lamborginis back in 2014 to a calm, engaged man today. I can't embed it here because #language but it's awesome, definitely take a listen. 


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