Charlie Puth Created A Song About Limpy The Turkey

November 11, 2019

Limpy the viral Turkey from Reading, MA is making headlines yet again.

In an interview with The TJ Show on 103.3 AMP Radio, Pop star Charlie Puth created a song about the infamous bird on the spot and it's amazing. Limpy is even so popular that there is a Facebook group called Limpy The Town Turkey where people share their sightings. 

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When creating a song Puth explained how he tries to mimic the sound of the lyrics in the music he creates. For example, the sound of pecking influenced the beat he made so that the listener is able to feel the lyrics in the song. "Limpy ... Limpy ... Limpy why are you pecking my tires?" 

Puth also noted that this is "the most local story ever" and we definitely do not disagree. Check out the Limpy song and let us know your thoughts!