#TheScene Patriots Re-Rap Week #5

This week JD slows it down.

October 7, 2019

Every week after the Patriots play, #TheScene recaps the game with their weekly "Patriots Re-Rap".


Week #5 Lyrics (Written by JD)

Of course we won, 33-7

Undefeated season, that’s football heaven

Getting coaches fired, thats what we do

Playing the Giants, another team thats doo doo


We’re 5-0, we might never lose 

Why wake up from this dream, just hit just the snooze

We work so hard, greatness on display

But…theres something I gotta say


I’m bored

Watching us win every week

I’m bored

Theres nothing to critique 

I’m bored

Like October its kinda scary

I’m bored

Just wake me in February 


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