#TheScene Patriots Re-Rap Week #3

September 23, 2019

Every week after the Patriots play, #TheScene recaps the game with their weekly "Patriots Re-Rap".


Week #3 Lyrics (Written by JD)

Why even show up, when the score was gonna blow up

Why even play, coulda just chilled w/ bae

30 to 14, we scary like halloween 

Ballin like Eldamean

Jerseys still super clean

My flows just keeps going 

Pats sync like a machine

#1 show is The Scene 

Thats exactly what I mean 


Up next is the Bills, Ouuuu Im getting chills

The mafia so scary, j/k you’re super hairy 


Cool you go through tables

Mentally not stable 

Without us you not on cable 

Easy to disable 


Aiight thats enough Its time for me to go

P.S. Buffalo, just know y’all blow, we on to week four


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