Ranch Dipped Pizza Flavor For You To Dip Your Pizza In

That headline confused me too. It's like the grammatical error of using a double negative, but it is a double positive.

February 15, 2019

USA Today


Hidden Valley Ranch created a new flavor to celebrate #NationalPizzaDay, Ranch Dipped Pizza. 


So when you come home from a long night hanging out with friends and order a large pizza with a side of ranch dressing just so you can dip your greasy pizza in the dressing and eat it, that is what the dressing tastes like. So our question is: Do you then dip your pizza into the ranch dipped pizza dressing? So its like a double hitter?


Or, Julia thinks you could now just use it to help with diet cravings - dip celery in it and its like you are dipping pizza in it? Genius, right? 


We are hoping this comes out in stores in the Boston area ASAP so we can try it, and then love it, and then swim in it and drink it while we swim because we love it so much. YUMMM! Thank you Hidden Valley Ranch!