Ted Karras Talks Move To Miami, and Calling Bill Belichick About His "Intentions"

March 24, 2020

Friend of the show Ted Karras is leaving the New England Patriots and will be playing for the Miami Dolphins! 

"I'm sad but I'm very much excited for a new opportunity on the horizon and excited to go down to Miami and try to build something new" he told RADIO.COM's The TJ Show of 103.3 AMP Radio. "It's all very exciting stuff!"

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When asked about where he was when he heard the Tom Brady news, he said "I was sitting on my couch trying to figure out where I was going too -- I think that was right after I signed!" 

Do Patriot players have exit interviews with Bill Belichick when they decide to leave? Not exactly. "Well I did call him and tell him what I was going to do. It was not an exit interview it was more just saying what my intentions were. Obviously I have a lot of respect for Bill and wanted him to know." 

How does that conversation go? "I didn't get any feedback, but we did talk for a moment." Karras also highlighted that, "He was very nice. It wasn't long it was about a minute...but obviously Coach Belichick has given me every opportunity I've had so far in the league and I was very grateful for that, so I wanted to make sure that I that I let him know."

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Unfortunately Patriots superfan Producer Matt has been quarantined at home from being sick a week ago, so he had to call in and ask the hard-hitting question. A lot of people speculate sometimes that when players leave the Pats, especially when they go to rivals, that maybe Bill Belichick is actually just spending spies to other teams. Most notoriously -- Wes Welker muffed that punt that helped the Patriots advance.

How do we know Karras is not just going to Miami to be a spy? "Well I guess you'll never know!" he stated. Of course, his tone signals that he is most definitely not a spy. "I would never do that, I could never bring myself to do that...I could never be a double agent!" 

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Listen to his full interview on The TJ Show below.