Loren's LoDown Monday 6/18/18: Incredibles 2 Breaks Records

It beat out Finding Dory!

June 18, 2018
LaTanya Richardson and Samuel L. Jackson

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Incredibles 2 Breaks Records 

The Incredibles 2 did quite well at the box office this weekend -- it is the biggest debut of all time for an animated movie, beating out 2016's Finding Dory. The Incredibles 2 earned $180M this weekend. 


Kim Kardashian Helping New Prisoner 

Kim Kardashian continues to use her platform for good. On Saturday, she asked the Governor of California to test the DNA of a man named Kevin Cooper, who was convicted of killing a family in 1985. Many articles written about Kevin indicate that not only does he maintain his innocence, but that evidence was tampered with. Additionally, the only survivor of the killings told police that it was a group of white men who killed the family, but the police focused solely on Kevin. 


Selena Gomez' Mom Chats Boyfriends 

Selena Gomez' mom commented on the designer Stefano Gabbana calling Selena ugly. She makes it simple and clear: they ignore it. She also talked about what she wants Selena to find in a dude: a sense of humor, family-oriented and someone who truly understands the life she lives. 


Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Moved in Together

Looks like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have moved in together. She posted a picture of Spongebob Squarepants with the caption "us in our new apartment with no furniture 1 speaker and red vines" PS, they were spotted hanging out with your dude John Mayer at a comedy club this weekend. 


Justin Bieber Making Out with Hailey Baldwin 

Welp Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin made it really clear that they're together. They were spotted in New York this weekend making out in different parks all over Brooklyn. 


Tom Brady Speaks with Oprah 

Tom Brady spoke with Oprah for her Super Soul Sunday and he talked about how he feels being called the GOAT. 


North Celebrates Birthday at Frozen on Broadway

Kim and Kanye celebrated North's 5th birthday by bringing her to see Frozen on Broadway. Not a bad birthday!


Jay Z, Beyonce Drop New Album 

Jay Z and Beyonce dropped a joint album this weekend called Everything is Love. It's got 9 tracks, some of them are straight fire, and they talk about everything from their cheating scandal to Jay Z turning down the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl. They also released a video for the song Ape**** and it takes place in the Louvre in Paris which is just insane. 


Cardi B, Offset & Baby on Rolling Stone 

In case you missed it this weekend, the cover of Rolling Stone with Cardi B, Offset and their unborn baby was leaked. He's kissing her belly… she's wearing a robe or dress or something… but it's really only covering her boobs. She's facing to the side, so you can't see her lady parts… but her belly is out there! Cardi said "My daughter made it to the Rollin Stone cover." The official release is in July. 


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