Loren's LoDown: Kanye Apologizes to Drake

Seems heartfelt enough!

September 5, 2018
Kanye West

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Ellen Reveals Netflix Special Date

Ellen revealed yesterday that her Netflix comedy special, which will be called Relatable, is set to stream December 18th. She worked on it all summer, which is really cool. 


Marshmello Doing Forbes 30 Under 30

Marshmello Marshmello has been tapped to play the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit which is set to take place on City Hall Plaza, as per the usual, on September 30th. Keynote speakers will include John Kerry, Sara Blakely who founded Spanx, Gary Vee, Olympian Adam Rippon, the girl who created Bumble and more. 


Childish Gambino Treats Fans to Unreleased Songs

Childish Gambino is sharing two unreleased songs with fans who have tickets to his upcoming shows. He asked fans not to share them with other people and said he's giving them to ticket holders so that they can fully participate in the concert. Pretty cool. Childish Gambino will be at TD Garden next Wednesday. 


Selena Gomez a Bit Bummed Over Elle Story

Selena Gomez chatted with Elle Magazine about a lot of different things - her new music, her work to end human trafficking, and social media - just to name a few. She admitted that she's not online. She doesn't even have her on Instagram password. Instead, Selena borrows her friend's phone to access her own account and post something. LOL. After the article came out, Selena admitted she was a little bummed and it seems as though she wished certain topics were paid more - or less - attention to. The magazine did focus a bit on some of her upcoming songs which appear to be about Bieber. Selena said "I understand that reporters are working to grab the attention of a reader, however I will always work to ensure that what is public represents my truth." I have to say the coolest part is that she revealed she's been interning for A21, which is the anti-human trafficking non-profit. She's been working there five days a week. 


Chance the Rapper's Movie to Release for One Night

Chance the Rapper has a movie coming out called Slice, where he plays a former Chinese food delivery guy who is framed for a bunch of murders of pizza delivery boys. It'll be in theaters for one night only, next Monday. And yes, even though it's a limited release, you can catch it in Boston. 


Demi Lists Hollywood Home 

Demi Lovato seems to be DONE with the house that she OD'd in, because she put it on the market. She bought it in 2016 for $8.3M and now she's trying to sell it for just under $9.5M. 


Ariana & Pete Make Out Over Pasta

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were spotted making out at a restaurant the other night. Onlookers said it was "iconic" and "a real dream come true." LOL


Kim K Helping to Free Another Prisoner

Kim Kardashian is working once again to advocate for prison reform. She's working to help free a man named Chris Young who was sentenced to life in prison for weed and cocaine possession. 


Kanye Apologizes to Drake

Kanye West apologized to Drake on Twitter really early this morning. He denies he told Pusha T that Drake has a kid (remember Pusha T came out with that Drake diss track). Kanye said "I don't play with the idea of people's children." Kanye apologized for stepping on the release date of Drake's album… it was a long, rambling form of tweets but it seemed to be heartfelt and honest. 


Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween 

In case you missed it, Freeform released its 31 Nights of Halloween lineup -- and yes, it's 31… not the usual 13. That means we're going to be seeing A LOT more Hocus Pocus. 28 times, in fact. Some times, multiple times a day… and on Halloween? Don't even get me started. SIX TIMES IN A ROW. 


Another Law & Order Coming

Unreal -- we're getting ANOTHER Law & Order franchise. This one is Law & Order: Hate Crimes and will focus on the cases that the Hate Crimes Task Force has tackled in New York over the years. It'll be 13 episodes to start, and this is the 7th overall franchise of the series. SVU is the only other one that's still on the air though.