Loren's LoDown: Ariana Dishes on First Kiss with Pete


August 31, 2018
Pete & Ariana

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Bradley Cooper Wiped Gaga's Makeup for Audition

Lady Gaga revealed that when she auditioned for A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper - who of course is starring in and directing the movie - took a wipe and removed all of her makeup so that she could be "completely open." Gaga said "it put me right in the place I needed to be, because when my character talks about how ugly she feels -- that was real. I'm so insecure. I like to preach, but I don't always practice what I preach." Gaga said she feels confident when her Little Monsters tell her how much her music has helped them. She said "At the end of the day…I want [my fans> to say 'I saw that movie and I cried my eyes out and I learned something about myself.'"


Kanye Drops XTCY Album Cover 

The creepy song XTCY, where Kanye West talks about how he wants to have sex with his sisters-in-law, the art work for the song is out now. And um… it's a painting of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. So gross, really. 


Amy Schumer Hits Back at Fan 

Some "fan" of Amy Schumer photoshopped a picture of Amy in a bikini and captioned it "I think Amy looks great already but man does she look way better [in> my OPINION in the second photo." Amy happened to see the post and wrote "I disagree. I like how I really look. That's my body. I love my body…I look like I'd give a good hug… The other picture looks nice but it's not me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. See, we're both right." The fan then apologized and deleted the post. Dumb jerk. 


Taylor Swift Surprises Fan 

This is very sweet. Taylor Swift found out about a 10-year-old girl who suffers from heart defects and has been in hospice for five years. Her name is Izzy and she listens to Taylor's music to help get her through all of her tough times. Izzy's mom wrote a blog post asking Taylor to put on a great show for her daughter in Detroit, and Taylor came through -- complete with a surprise meet & greet, too. Pretty awesome. 


Jennifer Lawrence Chats (Lack of) Diet 

I love Jennifer Lawrence for keeping it real. She said that she doesn't really restrict herself in terms of diet -- she'll eat that piece of pizza if she wants -- but that means she's OK with going a little extra hard at the gym to make up for it. That's the balance and work she likes to put in to feel most confident about herself. BTW, she also said she doesn't wear makeup, just sunblock, lip gloss and sunglasses. Love that. 


Ariana Reveals Pete's First Kiss Maneuver 

Ariana Grande called into Nicki Minaj's Beats show and talked about how she and Pete are basically the boy and girl versions of each other -- except he's 17 feet tall and she's four inches tall. Ariana also said that their first kiss was "dope" and "sick" -- he asked to kiss her beforehand. 


Lady Gaga Arrives in Style to Venice 

Lady Gaga was spotted sitting off the side of a water taxi boat in Venice… wearing high heels and blowing kisses and waving to everyone. She was also holding a rose. Amazing. BTW You can now officially pre-order the A Star is Born album. It'll be released the same day the movie opens, which is October fifth. It'll have 19 songs, in all different styles, and 15 dialogue tracks featuring specific moments and plot points from the film. It's meant to sound to the listener as if they're listening to the basic points in the film. 


Disneyland Selling Alcohol Now 

In the event that you're heading to Disneyland instead of Disney World, you're going to be able to drink there now for the first time in its history. The first place where you'll be able to snag yourself a drink is at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction. It's set to open next year and will have beer, wine and outer-space-themed cocktails. 


Eminem Drops Kamikaze 

Eminem dropped his album his morning. It's called Kamikaze and it has 13 tracks. Enjoy!


Charlie Sheen Coming to RHOBH?

Charlie Sheen might be making some appearances on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. His ex wife Denise Richards is on the show this season and they share two daughters together. He said we'll likely see him if he's dropping of his kids at Denise's house. 

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