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Loren's LoDown 9/20/18: Ashton Kutcher Hits a Dude on a Scooter

Thankfully, everything seemed fine!

September 20, 2018

Ashton Kutcher Hits Dude on Scooter

Oh man. Ashton Kutcher hit a dude on a scooter the other day as he was pulling out of a parking lot. The guy was on a scooter on the sidewalk and Ashton accidentally hit him and the guy went flying into the air and ended up in the street. Thankfully the dude was beyond cool, and said that he was OK… but he did ask to take a picture with Ashton. 


Kesha Releases New Song

Kesha released new music yesterday, called "Here Comes the Change." It's going to be included on the Ruth Bader Ginsberg movie On The Basis of Sex, which is out Christmas day. 


ABC Doing Woman Superhero Movie

ABC is set to take on an hour-long drama series from the guy who wrote Wonder Woman. It's all about female super heroes… reportedly lesser-known Marvel characters. 


Demi Lovato's Mom Talks OD

Demi Lovato's mom appeared on Newsmax TV and talked about Demi's OD for the first time. She admitted that it was touch and go for a while and she truly didn't know for two days if she would survive. She also said that Demi is doing really great today. Meanwhile, Wilmer Valderrama is reportedly incredibly supportive of Demi, still. He visits her a lot in rehab.  


Maroon 5, Cardi B, Travis Scott Performing at Super Bowl?

Rumors were swirling all day yesterday that Maroon 5 is going to be performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show. Adam Levine had told Howard Stern back in 2015 that the band would love to play the Super Bowl. There's also rumors that Cardi B and Travis Scott will be performing with them. A spokesperson for the NFL released a statement which said "We are continuing to work with Pepsi on our plans, but do not have any announcements to make on what will be another epic show." 


Taylor Swift's BF Joe Chats Relationship

Taylor Swift's boyfriend Joe was asked about their two-year relationship and he simply responded "I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people… but I really prefer to talk about work." You do you, Joe. 


Kevin Hart Co-Hosts Tonight Show 

Kevin Hart was co-hosting the Tonight Show with Fallon last night. 


Black Panther Director Doing Space Jam

This is a pretty big deal. The guy who directed Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, is signed on to direct the LeBron James version of Space Jam. Pretty awesome. It's set to begin production next year. 


Chevy Chase Craps on SNL 

Chevy Chase, one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live, basically crapped all over modern-day SNL in an interview with the Washington Post. He said he's amazed Lorne Michaels has gone so low. Chevy says the series has been going down hill since he left in 1977 and he started naming names. As for Will Ferrell? "Just not funny." Tina Fey? "I don't see what all the folderol was about." He said that Eddie Murphy was funny but it wasn't hard for him to play Stevie Wonder because they have the same skin color. WTF?


Seth Meyers Gets Comedy Picked Up 

Seth Meyers just got a comedy picked up by NBC and his brother is starring in it, writing it and producing it. It's called The Exceptional, it'll be a half-hour, single-camera comedy series set in LA about board members of a condo building. 

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