Loren's LoDown 9/12/18: Mark Wahlberg's Daily Diet is HUGE

I wish I could eat like Mark Wahlberg.

September 12, 2018
Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg Eats A WHOLE RESTAURANT Daily

Mark Wahlberg told us everything he eats in a day… and it's overwhelming. For breakfast alone, he eats: oats, peanut butter, blueberries, eggs, a protein shake, three turkey burgers and five pieces of tweet potato. Then he does 10 turkey meatballs around 8a. Later, a grilled chicken salad. Then a New York steak with green petters. Later, grilled chicken and bok choy. For dinner, fish and a veggie. What the hell. 


Naked Kendall Jenner Pics Leaked

Hmm…do I smell a publicity stunt? Kendall Jenner is in an upcoming photography book. In it, she's seen naked climbing a tree, lounging in a pool, riding a horse and running on the beach. The beach picture was leaked and has gone viral. Mkay. 


Geoffrey Owens Snags NCIS Role 

Little update on Geoffrey Owens from the Cosby Show who was working at Trader Joe's. He landed a gig on NCIS New Orleans, which is cool. Also, even though Nicki Minaj promised to donate $25k to him, apparently he hasn't seen the money. Though TMZ is reporting that he'll like donate it anyway… he doesn't want any handouts. 


Charlie Puth Dating Halston Sage?

Charlie Puth might be dating Halston Sage, the actress from Orville. Charlie posted a picture of the two of them and she's sitting on his lap. They were together for New York Fashion Week. 


Ed Sheeran Chats Movies, Celeb Advice 

Ed Sheeran gave an interview with Buzzfeed while playing with kittens and we learned that his two favorite movies are Goodfellas and Cool Runnings. He also said that his tattoos have all sort of become one large tattoo. If Ed wasn't a musician, he would likely be doing something that has to do with art. And as for his advice to any new artist -- be prepared to work. 


Jennifer Lawrence Chats with InStyle 

Jennifer Lawrence hilariously explained her personal style to the magazine InSyle, and she described it as "90s sex worker who's just won her case in court." Hilarious. She also talked about how she was fortunate enough to spend a lot of her life not caring at all about her appearance. Preach. Jennifer also revealed that she wasn't allowed to wear eyeliner when she was younger, so she would steal her mom's mascara and use that to line her eyes at school. Ick. And BTW -- she admitted that she pays more for canceled workouts than for ones she actually goes to. So, we're really similar in that way. Oh and PS - she admitted that she does indeed use social media… but she watches; she doesn't speak, as she puts it. 


Mac Miller's Friend: Ariana Grande was a Superforce

Mac Miller's friend Shane Powers talked about Ariana's relationship with Mac on his podcast. He said that she was an incredibly supportive person in his quest for sobriety, and even though they were broken up she would continue to see if she could help him. 


Matthew McConaughey's Co-Star Didn't Know Him

Matthew McConaughey was on Jimmy Fallon last night and he's in a new movie called White Boy Rick. He explained that they found his co-star, a high school kid, at a school in Baltimore. It was the kid's very first job ever - let alone his firs acting job - and the kid had NO IDEA who Matthew was. 


Rihanna Assures Us New Music is Coming

Rihanna took to social media yesterday to let us know that she knows we want new music. She said she's busy doing lingerie, makeup, movies and a few other things -- but she is definitely still doing music, and when it's ready, we won't have to ask for it. Rihanna promises us that it's coming. 


Paul McCartney Turned Down Kanye's Producing Offer

Pretty interesting. We know Kanye West worked with Paul McCartney back in 2014, and apparently back then, he asked Paul if he wanted him to produce his next album. Paul politely declined the offer because he knew it would be in a different direction than he wanted.