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Loren's LoDown 8/8/18: Selena Gomez Announces Second Coach Collection

It's coming sooner than you think.

August 8, 2018

Angie/Brad Divorce Gets Nasty

Yikes. Angelina Jolie filed court documents yesterday asking the judge to end her marriage with Brad Pitt ASAP, even before they work out child custody issues. She also claims that she and Brad have had an informal child support arrangement but he hasn't paid "meaningful child support" since their separation two years ago. She wants the judge to finalize the child support issue and make it retroactive against Brad. ICK. For what it's worth, Brad has reportedly paid millions in therapy, transportation and security bills for the kids. 


Jerry Seinfeld Doing Google Reviews 

Jerry Seinfeld is starting to do Google Reviews of the restaurants that he goes to in his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee show. They're obviously funny. He reviewed the place he took Kate McKinnon from SNL, writing "An upscale esperienza gastronomica. Diners chew with their mouths closed. They don't slurp their soup. No one blows their nose in a napkin. Very low noise level." 


Obamas Spotted on the Vineyard 

The Obamas were spotted on Martha's Vineyard the other day and were greeted by a crowd of SCREAMING fans outside of the restaurant The Cardboard Box in Oak Bluffs. 


Kris Jenner Engaged? 

She was on James Corden last night and they were playing Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts where he asks celebs questions and if they don't want to answer, they have to eat something gross. He asked Kris about her rumored engagement… and this was the answer she gave while choosing to eat a cricket. 


Ariana Fighting with Fans? 

Ariana Grande is sort of fighting with her fans on social media? One fan accused her of cheating on her ex Mac Miller and she wrote back "I didn't, but go off. Can you like…go stan someone else? Ur boring." Someone also said that they're going to skip listening to the song Pete Davidson on her album, so Ariana wrote back "awwww boo BLEEPING hoo Alexa play Pete Davidson." (WHY EVEN BOTHER AND DIGNIFY THEM WITH A RESPONSE?) 


Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Loves Chris Martin 

This is so cute. Kelly Clarkson's four-year-old daughter River has a crush on Chris Martin… but Chris Martin from back in his "Yellow" days, circa 2000 - AKA, 18 years ago. She tried explaining that Chris is much older now and he has children that are older then River but River is having none of it. Kelly interviewed River about it. And River even sang Yellow. 


Kanye Canceled on Carpool Karaoke Three Times

Kanye West is going to be on Kimmel tomorrow night and the reason that's news is because it's been almost five years since they had a very heated exchange on Twitter. Kimmel tweeted that "Hurricane Kanye" will strike on Thursday. BTW -- if you're wondering why you've never seen Kanye on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, James explained last night it's because Kanye has canceled on him not once, not twice, but THREE times. And one time, James was literally turning the corner onto Kanye's street and he canceled because he wasn't in the mood. He cost the show $45,000. He made it up to them with a cube of flowers and some Yeezy sneakers.


Bieber & Hailey Spotted Crying 

Interesting. Bieber and Hailey were spotted crying in New York. At one point, he was crying and then at another point while in a cafe, she was crying. Not sure what's up. 


Cardi B Trademarks Kulture's Name 

Cardi B and Offset are making sure their daughter can use her name in the future if she grows up and wants to be in the entertainment business. They filed documents that would ensure she's set to use her name for various entertainment purposes, and types of merch like shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, skirts and footwear. 


Selena Doing Another Coach Collection 

Selena Gomez is teaming up with Coach again for a second collection! She'll have more than handbags this time; she's also doing sweaters, hoodies and accessories. You can pre-order online or in-store August 14th, and you'll be able to pick them up in stores August 31st. 


Ariana Grande, Second Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke Coming 

Ariana Grande recorded a Carpool Karaoke with James Corden yesterday and she hurt her hand! But she said she had a blast, and James said it's one of his most favorite ones he's ever done -- and that Ariana is the real deal. BTW, they just announced a Primetime Carpool Karaoke special from when James met up with Paul McCartney. It'll air on Monday, August 20th at 8. It'll be an hour long and will have never-before-seen footage from their meeting.