Loren's LoDown 8/29/18: Taylor Swift Honors Aretha in Detroit

She held a moment of silence at her show.

August 29, 2018
Taylor Swift

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Matt Smith Joining Star Wars Cast?

Star Wars fans went crazy yesterday when word that Matt Smith, who is from The Crown and Doctor Who, was reportedly cast in Star Wars Episode IX. No word yet on what part he'll be playing.  


Maroon 5 Selling Equipment

If you're a musician who looks up to Maroon 5, you now have the chance at owning some of their equipment. They are selling equipment that they've used since the beginning of the band in order to make room for new stuff. You can snag things like microphones, an organ, a drum machine, a keyboard and much more. Everything goes on sale this Thursday. 


Kanye Explains his Too-Small Sandals 

A little bit ago Kanye was spotted wearing sandals that were way too small for his feet and everyone started trolling him. Well he now claims that it's the japanese way of wearing sandals. No one is really buying it though, because the japanese sandals he's referencing are wooden and they have a thong, and his were foam and slide-ons. 


Taylor Swift Holds Moment of Silence for Aretha 

Taylor Swift performed in Detroit last night and since it of course was home to Aretha Franklin, she asked the audience for a moment of silence. Taylor said Aretha did so much for music, women's rights and civil rights and asked the crowd to take a moment and reflect on their love and respect for her. Taylor stayed silent for almost a full minute before going into Delicate. 


Ed Sheeran Chats Striving to be Adele 

Ed Sheeran opened up to People Magazine about how he's always trying to better himself. He said "If you're a basketball player, you should [aim to] be better than LeBron James…aim for the top. I don't think any artist … could do what Adele's done, but if you don't aim there then you won't get there." He also added that we'll get to see his wife Cherry Seaborn for a split second in his upcoming documentary. He likes to be as personal and private as he can be. 


Pete Davidson Reveals Ariana Proposal Details

Pete Davidson talked to Variety about how he proposed to Ariana Grande, and it was super chill. They were in bed after watching a movie and he simply asked her. Pete said he's convinced she's blind or hit her head really hard and will eventually come to her senses and leave him. He also talked about how his father's death as a fireman in 9/11 has shaped him, revealing that if his father hadn't died, he wouldn't have become a comic. He said "You're not really supposed to learn about…death…[and how]…anything can just be taken away from you early." So because of that he said it gave him this sense of "F it," and that the worst that could possibly happen has already happened. 


Ariana Performing at Aretha's Funeral

Ariana Grande has just joined the list of performers for Aretha Franklin's funeral on Friday. She'll be singing with people like Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and more. Her funeral is limited only to family and friends but will be partially televised and also live-streamed. 


Kelly Clarkson Fans Want her for the Super Bowl

Welp, we're still quite a ways away from the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year but fans are already petitioning for Kelly Clarkson to take that spot. She performed at the US Open the other night and fans started freaking out. Some even started a petition to make it happen. 


Demi Lovato Costume for Sale

If you're a Demi Lovato fan and have some extra cash lying around, get ready because you could be the proud new owner of one of her costumes that she wore on stage during her 2016 tour with Nick Jonas. It's a white leotard with a plunging neckline and really long, draped sleeves. She autographed the back of it. It hits the auction block tomorrow and bidding starts at $5k.


Pete Davidson's Tattoo is Because of Ariana's Ex

This is amazing. Fans discovered yesterday that Pete Davidson has a tattoo on his body that is inspired by his fiance Ariana Grande's ex boyfriend. He got it when he was 17 - it says Swerve Life - and it's a reference to an ad-lib Big Sean made in Kanye's song Mercy. 


Royal Wedding Outfits on Display 

If you're obsessed with the Royals, you can now see their wedding garb in person. Meghan's ceremony gown and tiara are going to be on display - along with a replica of Harry's outfit - at Windsor Castle as part of the "A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex" exhibit. 

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