Loren's LoDown 8/14/18: Ariana Slays My Heart Will Go On

She and James Corden recreated the Titanic.

August 14, 2018
Ariana Grande

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John Legend Sings Jingle for Wife Chrissy

Chrissy Teigen's been wearing a lot of head bands recently and her husband John Legend has created a theme song for her daily headband reveal on Instagram. Fans are loving the jingle. Hilarious. (Go to her Instagram and check out her HBOTD folder!) 


Ariana & Corden Recreate the Titanic

Ariana Grande was on James Corden last night and they did a 13-song medley while re-creating the Titanic movie. You have to hear how amazing Ariana sounds singing Celine's My Heart Will Go on.


Kerry Washington Spotted in Boston 

Kerry Washington is in town directing the show SMILF. She's been spotted in the North End, eating at Trattoria Il Panino on Hanover Street. The staff said she was super cool and took pictures with whoever asked. 


Senator Warren/The Rock Lovefest 

Senator Warren sent some love to the Rock in a recent interview, where she said she loved his show Ballers and the interviewer asked if it's because of The Rock and she was like, it is the Rock. LOL! The Rock reached out on Twitter and said "I appreciate the love. Enjoy our new season…and you have a big Rock-sized hug coming when I see ya" 


Nicki Minaj Spits Bars About Colbert

Nicki Minaj was on Colbert last night and they were talking about her song Barbie Dreams where she name drops all the dudes that wanted to sleep with her. So Colbert asked her if she could rap about him. 


Demi Lovato OD "Info" ?

TMZ is reporting what they believe happened to Demi Lovato the night she overdosed. It's very unclear how they got this information, or how accurate it is. They say Demi texted her dealer at 2a. The dealer showed up and they reportedly freebased Oxy on tin foil… but the oxy was laced with fentanyl (which is the same drug that killed Prince). The dealer noticed Demi was breathing heavily in her bed so they left, and then her team found her at 11:30 in the morning. 


Joe Alwyn Makes Instagram Public 

Oh boy oh boy. Taylor Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn has made his Instagram account public. There aren't any pictures with Taylor, but there is a picture of him standing next to a cactus… which is the same cactus that Taylor Swift posted a picture of 3 months ago! Everyone's loving that little tidbit. 


MTV VMAs Presenters List Announced

The MTV VMAs Presenters List has been announced. We'll be seeing Kevin Hart, Bebe Rexha, Blake Lively, G-Eazy, Tiffany Haddish, Liam Payne, Rita Ora, the Backstreet Boys and tons more. They're airing on Monday August 20th. 


Calvin Harris Teaming Up with Sam Smith 

Calvin Harris is teaming up with Sam Smith to put out some new music coming this Friday. It's called Promises. 

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