Loren's LoDown 7/25/18: Demi Lovato Hospitalized

It's unclear what she had OD'd on after being sober for six years.

July 25, 2018
Demi Lovato


Instagram's Richest User Is...

If you want to know who Instagram's richest user is… it's Kylie Jenner. By "richest," I mean who makes the most money per post -- and she brings in a whopping $1M per post. Selena Gomez, who had the top spot last year, dropped down to second place and her posts are worth $800k, while poor Kim Kardashian rounds out third with a measly $720k per post. Must be rough. 


ABC Sets Fall Premiere Dates 

ABC has set its fall 2018 premiere dates. Monday, September 24th Dancing with the Stars will premiere. The Goldbergs, Modern Family and a bunch of other comedies will be that Wednesday the 26th Grey's and How to Get Away with Murder come back that Thursday and we have to wait until October for shows like Shark Tank, Black-ish, Dancing with the Stars Juniors and the Roseanne spinoff The Connors. 


Shiggy Asks Drake to Pay Up 

Shiggy, the Instagrammer who started the whole #InMyFeelingsChallenge for Drake walked right up to Drake and asked for his $250,000 check. Drake seems like he was caught off guard. BUT -- the two are friendly and last week Drake was saying how he's gotta pay Shiggy so it's likely all good between the two of them.

I Just Had To Ask @champagnepapi A Couple Questions -- I Heard He Got 250 For Me Where It’s At ---- Had To Tell Him It’s Too Late For All That I’m Ya Brother Shit ------

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Demi Lovato Hospitalized

Demi Lovato was hospitalized yesterday for an overdose. We don't know what exactly she OD'd on; early reports claimed heroin though many people have refuted that claim. She was found unconscious and Narcan was reportedly used to bring her back. It's being reported that she refused to tell anyone what she took. As of 6:15 last night she was awake and responsive, according to her aunt. Demi had been sober for six years. I want to let you know that help is available to you if you need help in taking the first steps toward recovery: 1-800-622-HELP.


Britney Spears has No Idea who Andy Cohen Is

Britney Spears brought Bravo's Andy Cohen on the stage to be part of her "Freak Show" performance the other day and she clearly had no idea who he is (watch till the end). 


Prince Charles' Range Rover Sells for $130k+

This is fascinating to me. A 1975 Range Rover sold for over $130,000… and it's because it's the Range Rover that Prince William & Prince Harry's dad Prince Charles used while he was courting Princess Diana back in the day. The Range Rover was discovered in 2013 at a farm and it was basically a piece of junk… until someone restored it to factory condition. 


Hamilton Coming to the Big Screen 

Hamilton is reportedly being turned into a movie -- but it's still going to be the Hamilton that you know. It's actually a taping of the show from 2016 where Lin Manuel Miranda was performing. It's being shopped around right now and could sell for over $50M. 

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