Loren's LoDown 7/16/18: Cardi B Turns Down $100K for Daughter's Privacy

She doesn't want to sell pictures of her daughter quite yet.

July 16, 2018
Cardi B

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Fan Proposes at T.Swift Meet & Greet

Taylor Swift had a fan propose to his girlfriend during their meet and greet with Taylor the other night. Apparently the two had met at Taylor's Red Tour five years ago, so he thought it would be most appropriate to propose to his girlfriend during their meet and greet with Taylor. Taylor and the girl were shocked. 


Demi Moore Surprises Bruce Willis at Roast

The Comedy Central roast of Bruce Willis took place on Saturday and apparently it did not disappoint. The surprise guest for the evening was his ex-wife Demi Moore, who reportedly had a joke that went like this: I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense - you were dead the whole time. It's set to air July 29th on Comedy Central. 


Hotel Transylvania Comes in Number One 

Hotel Transylvania came in number one at the box office this weekend with $44M… Ant Man and the Wasp came in second and The Rock's Skyscraper only brought in $25.5M and sat at third place.


T.Swift's Equipment Malfunctions in Philly

Taylor Swift was performing in Philly on Saturday night when a cage that she was flying in, which was supposed to take her from one end of the stadium to the other, malfunctioned. Thankfully she was safe but it was funny because she basically just paused her entire show and told her audience what was going on. Then, she explained that people were talking into her earpiece and the only way she can talk back to them is via the microphone and in front of the whole crowd, so you basically hear her asking her crew if there's a way to get her to the other side of the stadium, if she can just walk there. She eventually got into another cage thingy which took her to the other side. 


The Rock's Daughter Says he has Boobies

The Rock spent some time at home with his girls this weekend, and took his 2-year-old daughter swimming. When he took his shirt off, she said "Daddy I like your brown boobies." HAHA. The Rock wrote on social media, "Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies." He hash tagged himself #MrBrownBoobs. 


Justin Bieber Posts Photo of Him & Hailey 

In case you missed it, Justin Bieber posted a photo of him and Hailey making out in a pool or hot tub. And literally everyone was wondering -- who the hell did you have to convince to take this picture?! Even John Mayer commented "Interesting dynamic with the photographer in the hot tub. That's gotta feel super third wheel." 

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Cardi B Offered $100K+ for Kulture Photos

It appears as though Cardi B has received a ton of offers to release photos of her daughter Kulture… some publications are offering as much $100,000 to take photos of her but sources say that Cardi and Offset won't even consider it until Kulture is at least 5 months old. Cardi just wants to bond with her. 


Hulk Reinstated in Hall of Fame 

Three years after being suspended from the WWE and removed from their Hall of Fame, Hulk Hogan was reinstated in both. You'll remember he was caught saying the N-word. The WWE said that this second chance is a result of multiple apologies and a lot of volunteer work from Hulk. He also has been using his platform to help other people, like the Boys and Girls club of America, learn from his mistakes. 



Pete Defends Giving Ariana Dad's Pendant 

Pete Davidson gave Ariana Grande his late father's FDNY pendant. He died responding in 9/11. Anyway, someone on social media said "No girl should ever wear your dad's chain. So disrespectful." So Pete wrote back "that's not just some girl. That's my fiance. She's the greatest person I know. I gave it to her because she has my heart and that is the most precious thing I own. My dad would be so happy and love her so much." BAM. PS, fans are wondering if they'e going to get married as soon as August 4th, because his dad's badge number was 8 4 18.     


Our Friend Ate Next to Tony Bennett

Our friend Mike had dinner next to the legendary Tony Bennett the other night. It was at some restaurant in NY and he actually took a picture of the restaurant's reservation book. What's interesting to me because I never worked in that industry is that next  to Tony's name it says PPX, which stands for Particularly Extraordinary Person in French. I thought that was pretty cool. I know that my friend who works in the hotel industry told me that his old job required him to research every guest staying at the hotel to see who was PPX or something similar. 

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