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Loren's LoDown 5/30/18: Pusha T Claims Drake has a Love Child

He dropped a new diss track.

May 30, 2018

Roseanne Canceled

In case you missed it yesterday, Roseanne Bar tweeted some racist stuff that she later apologized for, but it was too late. ABC canceled Roseanne (yup - it JUST got revived this past March and was already renewed for season 2) and Roseanne herself was dropped by her talent agency. ABC called Roseanne's tweet "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with their values." The person who the racist tweet was about, a former Aide to President Obama named Valerie Jarrett, said that she wants this to be a teaching moment. Roseanne ended up apologizing again and asking her fans not to defend her actions.


Charlie Sheen Wants to Replace Roseanne 

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen tweeted: "adios Roseanne! good riddance. hashtag NOT winning. the runway is now clear for OUR reboot. #CharlieHarperReturns" He really wants a Two and a Half Men reboot. 


Kim K Meeting with President Trump 

Kim Kardashian is set to meet with President Trump to try and free a 62-year-old great-grandma whose imprisonment has become national news. In 1997, she was sentenced to life in prison for her very first offense ever, of money laundering and drug conspiracy charges. Kim's been working with Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband, and now it seems like Trump is getting involved too. 


Bieber Wants to Grow Hair Long 

Justin Bieber seems to want to let us know that yes, his hair is long and no, he doesn't care. He took to social media to let us know that he wants to grow it out to his toes. Sounds good. 


Ed Sheeran Album Not Coming Until 2020 

If you're waiting on new music from Ed Sheeran, don't hold your breath. His manager said that while he's got enough stuff for three or four albums, we likely won't see anything until 2020. 


Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Being a Jerk 

You know how Anne Hathaway had a reputation for being … a jerk? Welp, she opened up about it in Glamour Magazine. She said "had a history with rage," where she used to do this thing where she was nice 29 out of 30 days of the month, and then give herself permission to be a total bitch to anyone about anything… sort of like a cheat day. Anne said that rage obviously doesn't bring you peace, so she started to deal with her emotions head-on and is finding much more peace. 


Kylie Jenner Buys Superfan Luis Vuitton 

Some dude is a super fan of Kylie Jenner -- he himself has about 150k Instagram followers -- and she surprised him the other day with a Luis Vuitton backpack. Pretty sweet. That backpack retails for a cool $2k. 


Pusha T Claims Drake has a Love Child 

Over the weekend Drake and Pusha T got into a feud… Pusha T is the guy who Kanye West just produced an album for. Anyway, each side exchanged diss tracks back and forth but yesterday Pusha T released a song which alleges that Drake has a son, and that the son's mom is an adult film star. Pusha T basically accuses Drake of being a deadbeat, and also takes shots at his race (Drake's dad is black and his mom is white) and the artwork cover for the song is an old picture of Drake in black face… which is allegedly an untouched photo. 


Taylor Swift Fires Dancer for Tweets?

Taylor Swift has reportedly fired one of her backup dancers because of his social media posts. I didn't see them, but they were allegedly sexist and the story says that Taylor was having none of it, so she fired him. He's been a dancer for her since her 1989 tour in 2014. 


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