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Loren's LoDown 5/29/18: Nicki Minaj Responds to Eminem

Dare we say 103.3 AMP Radio is a matchmaker?! ;)

May 29, 2018

Robert Kraft Saves Dude Having Seizure 

Robert Kraft saved a dude who was having a seizure this weekend! He was at a Kevin Hart show in NJ when the guy near him started foaming at the mouth and seemed to be having a seizure, so Kraft helped him up and called for security. Thankfully the guy seemed fine after the show. 


Khalid Chats Kendrick, Childish & the Jacksons 

Khalid was of course at Boston Calling this weekend and I got to catch up with him back stage. We talked about what celebrity he geeked out over when he got their number (Kendrick Lamar); his friendship with Prince and Paris Jackson (MJ's kids); and who he wants to collaborate with (looking at you, Childish Gambino…). 


Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Recording Again 

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett were spotted at the recording studio together this weekend so we'll probably be getting more music from them soon. 


Nicki Minaj Responds to AMP's Tweet about Eminem Date

Nicki Minaj and Eminem made headlines last week by igniting rumors that they're dating… and Eminem performed at Boston Calling on Sunday and added fuel to the fire for sure. So we here at AMP Radio tweeted about it… and sure enough, Nicki Minaj responded! 


Timberlake Visits School Shooting Victims

Justin Timberlake stopped by the hospital to visit victims of the Santa Fe School shooting. He brought kids gifts as well. 


Taylor Swift Fans Freak Out Over NOTHING

Taylor Swift fans are freaking out that a BBC Radio DJ told Taylor Swift that she needed to shower during an interview he did with her right after her tour performance. Her fans were super offended that he told her that she should take a shower -- but you know who wasn't offended? Taylor Swift. 


Blake Lively Drove Ryan to the Hospital While in Labor

Ryan Reynolds revealed that Blake Lively drove the couple to the hospital when Blake was in labor. Ha! Ryan is helping to promote Blake's upcoming movie A Simple Favor about a girl named Emily who vanishes. So he tweeted "You can tell me. We're married. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth. So…what the BLEEP happened to Emily?" Blake wrote back "Oh darling, of all the secrets I'm keeping from you, this should be the LEAST of your concerns… trust me." 


Local Kid Plays with The Killers at Boston Calling

There's a 17-year-old kid from Cohasset, his name is Nick Evans, and he got to play with the Killers this weekend. He held up a sign that said "I can drum for reasons unknown" which is one of their songs, and they brought the kid up. So cool.

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