Loren's LoDown 4/10/18: Seth Meyers' Wife Gave Birth in Apartment Lobby


April 10, 2018
Seth Meyers


Cardi B hosted the Tonight Show last night

Here's just a few clips from the night: 


Carrie Underwood Set to Perform 

We found out yesterday that Carrie Underwood is set to perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards this Sunday. It's going to be her first performance since she fell and hurt her face and got almost 50 stitches in this past fall. 


Ben Affleck Picking Up New House 

Ben Affleck is treating himself to a $19.2M mansion in California, less than a mile away from where his ex Jennifer Garner lives with the kids. Which is awesome. He's apparently going to move in fully once he returns home from filming Triple Frontier in Hawaii. Interesting to note that it's a very East Coast style house, not really a California style house. 


Cardi B Got $800 Butt Injections in a Basement

Cardi B opened up to GQ about a lot of personal things. First, she once spent $800 to get butt injections from some lady in a basement apartment in Queens, NY. She did it because her boyfriend had cheated on her with a girl who had a big butt, and also she could make more money stripping. Cardi B said they injections leaked for like 5 days and later when she went back to get a touch up, the lady wasn't doing it anymore because she had been locked up for having someone die on her table. UGH. Also Cardi B told GQ that yes, she indeed was part of the Blood gang at one point. Oh and she confessed that when she met Beyonce, she thought she was going to soil herself. 


Some fun baby news!

Rachel McAdams welcomed her first baby the other day. It's a boy but we don't have any other details. Oh, and Seth Meyers' wife had their baby on Sunday night… in the lobby of their apartment HOLY CRAP. 


ARod Tells Different "Meeting" Story than JLo 

I know you guys already love ARod so much. Be prepared for this. He was on Ellen and told an entirely different story to Ellen about how he and JLo met, as compared to the story that she told Ellen. 


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