Loren's LoDown 3/8/18: Busta Rhymes Island in MA is Getting Famous

Yep, it's real. And it's in Shrewsbury.

March 8, 2018
Busta Rhymes

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Frances McDormand Oscar-Stealer Facing Jail Time

The loser who stole Frances McDormand's Oscar at the after-party could face up to three years in jail. His lawyer claims that it wasn't felony theft and it was harmless, but other people beg to differ. Not only did he post his own videos with the trophy, but he was spotted on an Associated Press video holding it over his head saying "all right baby boys and baby girls" -- outside of the party. As soon as a photographer confronted him, he gave up the Oscar. He's going to plead not guilty and ask for a reduction of his bail which is set at $20,000.


Chip & Joanna Expecting a Boy

Fixer Upper Fans! Chip and Joanna have announced they are expecting a baby boy. THey already have four kids, ages 7-12. 


DJ Khaled Announces Album, Title 

DJ Khaled announced that his new album is coming out this summer, and it's called Father of Asahd. Asahd is his cutie pie adorable son. He put out a little video to announce it, and it's really sweet -- you can tell how much he adores his little man. 


Chrissy & John's Dog Died 

Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend's doggy passed away. The two got him 10 years ago during their first year of dating. He was a sweet bulldog who she said was ALWAYS there for them whenever they needed him. 


Hulk Hogan/Gawker Story will be a Movie 

Ask and you shall receive. We were just talking about this the other day with your favorite author Ryan Holiday. Remember how the web site Gawker posted video of Hulk Hogan being intimate with a woman? And Hulk sued them, and this really rich guy named Peter Thiel was the one who funded the lawsuit, because he had a longstanding revenge plot against Gawker? And Gawker lost and shut down? Welp… yup, it's going to be a movie. They're actually basing the movie off of Ryan Holiday's book about the entire thing. He was on our show last week. // Each side of the argument reached out to Ryan for help. 


Busta Rhymes Island is Real 

There's an island in Shrewsbury that somehow has come to be named Busta Rhymes Island. So this guy named Kevin O'Brien would hang out there with his family all the time and would basically just take care of the island, right? He's been doing this for many years. So because he's been the unofficial caretaker, he decided to name the island. Busta Rhymes Island. Why? Because it has rope-swinging, blueberries and stuff Busta would enjoy, he told the Globe about 10 years ago. He actually tried to get the island officially named after Busta but he couldn't. Someone just posted about this on Twitter and now it's blown up. 


Impractical Jokers Getting Movie 

Our buddies, the Impractical Jokers, just got renewed for an 8th season… but the really exciting thing? They're going to star in their first movie. It's going to be produced by the guys and Funny or Die. The movie is going to be about their lives, about an embarrassing thing that happened to them in high school in 1992 which send the guys competing in hidden camera challenges for the chance to go back in time and redeem three of the four, according to Variety. 


Tom vs Time Trailer 

Tom vs Time is doing a follow-up! They released a trailer for it yesterday. 


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