Loren's Badass Chicks: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

We're honoring some badass ladies who've selflessly served our country.

May 25, 2018
Loren's Badass Chick

As we enjoy our BBQs this Monday it's important to recognize the point of Memorial Day, which is remembering those who died during active military duty. To thank the men and women who so selflessly serve our country, I'm highlighting some miliary Badass Chicks today: Brandy Hartz and Lindsay Pepi. 

Brandy Hartz

First Lieutenant Brandy Hartz of Worcester has been in the army for six years. She's served in Iraq and was the site lead for the Forward Medical Support Platoon, flying Blackhawk helicopters and saving limbs and lives of injured military personnel. Now Brandy is a full-time training officer at the Massachusetts Army National Guard and expects to be deployed again in the coming years. 

Lindsay Pepi

Lindsay Weatherbee Pepi of Reading, MA is a Judge Advocate in the Navy (commonly referred to as a JAG). She's a badass attorney who is also a mother, marathoner and domestic abuse survivor. Lindsay tells me: "My hands are full, but my heart is even fuller.  I work with fantastic people for an organization dedicated to keeping our country and our people safe. I find myself repeating the same foundational principles to my kids and my current legal team. 'Team work makes the dream work' and 'It hurts to grow.'  Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, especially the things that change you, but it gets easier if you can remember that you are never, ever alone in this world." 

We also want to shout out Jaycee Ortiztran, Courtney Wilson and Jess Leblanc -- their friends and family emailed me and are so proud of them! 


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