Loren's Badass Chicks: Joy Foraste & Margit Foley

Organizers behind the viral surprise wedding rehearsal video.

January 18, 2019
Loren's Badass Chick

Joy & Margit

Did you see that viral video of the junior chorus from Hingham Middle School who showed up to their choir teacher's wedding rehearsal brunch to sing to him? HOW CUTE IS THIS!

Welp, this week's Badass Chicks are the two moms who organized those 55 kids: Margit Foley and Joy Foraste. Each of their daughters is in Mr. Landis' choir class. They made it clear how special Mr. Ladis is to all of the students he teaches, and how the kids really wanted to do something for his big day. So Margit and Joy reached out to Mr. Landis' fiance, asked for his blessing, and got to work organizing weekly, secret practices for 55 junior high schoolers. (NOT easy!!!) They also had to coordinate transportation for the kids -- thankfully another mom who is a bus driver swooped in and helped out! - and thanks to a lot of amazing people in the community, the surprise was set. 

The kids showed up to Mr. Landis' brunch and it brought tears to his eyes. Margit told me how nice it was that something so simple, just a celebration of love and a kind gensture for a wonderful teacher, was able to make such an impact in terms of acceptance: love is love, no strings attached. 

Kudos to these moms and these kids and all of the other parents who helped out along the way to make this happen for Mr. Landis and his fiance! 

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