Loren's Badass Chick: Catie Botting

Family Services Manager at Christopher's Haven.

April 25, 2019
Loren's Badass Chick

Catie + her son


This week's Badass Chick is Catie Botting, Family Services Manager at Christopher's Haven which provides housing to families of children undergoing cancer treatment at nearby hospitals. 


Catie's story is absolutely inspiring. In 2014 when her son was just nine years old, he was diagnosed with a form of cancer (craniopharyngioma) that required brain surgery and eight weeks of radiation. At the time, the family lived in Connecticut but were told that the type of radiation her son needed -- proton radiation -- was only available in Boston. Immediately, Catie said, she felt isolated and homeless. Thankfully, MGH suggested they check out Christopher's Haven to see if they had apartments available. Sure enough, they did. It quickly became their home away from home and offered lots of support and distractions which allowed Catie and her son to feel normal for the first time in a while. Her husband and daughter would come up to visit on weekends and Christopher's Haven quickly became an integral part of their lives. 


When Catie's son was done with treatment, she knew she needed to give back to the program that offered her so much, so she and the kids would travel back to Boston on the weekends to volunteer their time cleaning apartments for the next families who were coming. As they continued to volunteer more, her son soon became a beacon of hope for the other families visiting by talking with families about his journey. Eventually a full-time position opened up within Christopher's Haven and Catie knew this is what she needed to do. 


I absolutely love how resilient Catie and her family were in the face of such harrowing experiences and how she's dedicating her life to make it easier for others. Christopher's Haven is having its annual fashion show on Thursday, May 16th where wives, girlfriends and children of the Patriots, Bruins, Sox and Cannons will be strutting their stuff with kids from Christopher's Haven to raise money -- so grab your tickets while you still can! 


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