Bosso Baby Blog #3: Hello Third Trimester

Goodbye, sweet spot.

November 5, 2018
Baby Loren & Baby Bosso

Well aren't we out of the sweet spot! I imagine it's going to get much worse from here and things aren't TOO BAD right now, but man was there a shift this past weekend. I woke up on Saturday, at 28 weeks, and felt like my muscles inside of my belly were going to rip apart and I was also nervous that somehow my belly would just FALL OFF. (Spoiler: not possible.) I also discovered a SERIOUS patch of stretch marks under my belly. I have no idea if they've been there for a while -- I guess I haven't been able to see under there for quite some time but never realized it? 


The second trimester was honestly pretty awesome. I didn't feel too big, so I was still able to continue doing things pretty easily (example: loading/unloading the dishwasher). But lately it's been a bit harder and I've learned that I can no longer bend over to do that-- I must squat. HAHA. 


Speaking of squats: getting to the gym is proving REALLY HARD. I really like prenatal yoga because it zens me out but any other type of physical activity is tough. I'm going to do my best to remain relatively consistent for the next few months because I know how beneficial it is to not just myself but to baby too! 


WELL THAT'S IT. My life has been pretty emotionally challenging the last few weeks in particular, but I'm thankful for my awesomely supportive husband for getting me through. We're all hanging in there and I just want this baby to be happy and healthy! I'll check in with you next month, but in the mean time -- in case you haven't heard, I'm doing a charity baby shower at Kings Dining & Entertainment in Lynnfield benefitting Room to Grow, and I'd love for you to celebrate with me, so check out all the details here!


Lots and lots of love, 

Loren & Baby B