Baby Bosso Blog: Aug 10

Loren and her husband are expecting a baby in January!

August 10, 2018
Baby Loren & Baby Bosso

My Dear Reader, 


YAY! We are having a baby! My husband Bosso (first name Matt -- not to be confused with Producer Matt!) and I announced this morning that I am 16 weeks pregnant and we are expecting a Baby Bosso to arrive in January. 


I'm f-ing terrified and also really f-ing excited. And if I'm keeping it really honest, which I always do with you, I was not happy about the pregnancy news at first -- even though it was something we had planned on and were trying for! How f'd up is that? Well, it felt f'd up at the time, at least. I've come to forgive myself now. But I just thought to myself those first six or so days, this is what you've always wanted so why are you kinda bummed about this? 


Allow me to explain…


We found out we were pregnant exactly four days before we closed on our house. YUP. We just dumped our life savings and had all these grandiose home improvement plans… until we realized that we got pregnant MUCH sooner than expected and that now meant that money would be MUCH tighter than expected and that I couldn't sit on the deck of my new house with a Tito's and watermelon juice in my hand (amazing drink; please try it if you haven't. Add some spiked seltzer to make it really special. ANYWAY). 


So, let's just time out for a minute: I was complaining that we got pregnant sooner than we thought we would… which is honestly a luxury for many couples. I have good friends who have tried and tried to conceive for years… so who the hell was I to be "disappointed" that I can't drink in my new house this summer? Boo f-ing hoo. Really.  


But it wasn't about any of that: it was about how, in a matter of -- truly -- minutes (or however long it takes a human woman to complete three different pregnancy tests like my Type A ass did, bahahaha), my life suddenly became about one thing and one thing only: doing everything in my power to protect this little human inside of me. Truth be told, it was overwhelming and scary and I rejected those feelings and instead became bitter, angry and sad. 


Another thing that it was most definitely about: I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. I'm a control freak. I'm the kind of person who reads up on everything. I plan EVERYTHING. Even our "relaxing" vacations. So for someone like me, who always needs to be in control of everything to feel sane, I felt the complete opposite when I discovered I was pregnant. Thankfully, my husband is wonderful and he recognized that, and he snuck away to the Brookline Booksmith one morning and surprised me by buying $75 worth of baby books and leaving them in the front seat of my car for me to find after The TJ Show was over that day. 


Which brings me to this: I am so very calm now. I am so very grateful. I am so very excited about being able to do the one thing I have ALWAYS wanted to do my whole entire life: become a mom. (I have the best mom in the world, so I've always been excited about trying to be half as awesome as she is). And I have all of this waiting for me because of this wonderful man who has given me the absolute very best blessings life has to offer. 


Tomorrow (Saturday, August 11th) is our one year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast it went. I am eternally grateful for Matt's love, and I can't wait for us to share the next chapter of our journey with you: parenthood. 


All my love, 



PS: Nope, no morning sickness but yes, TONS of nausea. In fact, at one point I thought TJ's homemade coffee was going to make me barf in the studio, which would've been a dead giveaway. (I hid my pregnancy until this week.) I was also dead tired my first trimester and would come home after the show to sleep on my couch for, quite literally, three or more hours at a time. I am feeling much better now and am trying to get into a fitness routine!