What goes around comes around!

Karma is REAL! Olivia Culpo caught dancing with Zedd at Coachella and Danny Amendola, well can't handle it... at all.

April 19, 2019



Everyone is speculating that Olivia Culpo and Zedd may be a thing. A video of Culpo and Zedd dancing together at Coachella surfaced. 

And a certain Danny Amendola, former Patriots player, WENT OFF on Instagram. So for some backstory, if you have been living under a rock, Amendola and Culpo were a thing for like two years. THEN, while Culpo was off shooting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, he was caught making out with a beautiful Miami girl. Culpo ended the relationship right away and posted this revenge pic.

Shooting for @si_swimsuit!! Ive dreamed of this since I was a little girl and today could not have felt more surreal. I still feel like I’m dreaming. Here’s a sneak peak..... I dedicate this to all the snakes ----‍♀️--❤️

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You bet, she was straight up calling Danny boy a snake. 


SO NOOWWW, Olivia is spotted DANCING - not even kissing - with Zedd and Danny went off. LIKE CONTROL YOURSELF BOY! 


First he posted this petty Instastory: 


Then, he uploaded a video of Olivia making pancakes and this was the caption: 


Thankfully I screenshotted it, because he has deleted the post. 


 I feel like I was just dragged on an emotional rollarcoaster that I did not want to go on. The first time I read it, I was like KARMAAA DANNY! KARMA, KARMA, KARMA. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! 


Then, I was like.. is this guy okay? Like why didn't anyone stop him? He should have typed that up in notes, sent it to Jules, and asked him his opinion on it. Clearly he didn't, and now he looks CRAY! Like that post was all over the place. 


Twitter agrees:


Not a good look, guys. Take notes.



He's not on the Patriots anymore, so #NoDaysOff doesn't apply anymore.




Danny just STOP!




I mean, I am sure it is hard to go from winning with the Patriots while dating Miss Universe, to now playing in Detroit alone, probably never winning a ring again. But first he needs to realize the post was not cool, and he probably now needs to make a public apology of sorts.


I hope they DON'T get back together because honestly they are TOXIC, and I am sick of seeing their drama all over my timeline. 


I hope he finds happiness, I truly do. He's too good looking to be sad. Go find yourself a good girl Danny! and If Selena Gomez thought Zedd was a cool guy, he must be! So go for it Olivia!


Cheering for you both, but seperately.