Tom Brady's Instagram Is Making Me Sweat

Brady has been posting some FIRE pics that I am here for.

April 25, 2019

Tom Brady I would like to thank you for gracing New England with 6 championships. I would also like to thank you for posting beautiful pictures of you working out in the off season on the gram.


You are a god. 


@nfl, I’m ready, anyone want to run it back?

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I mean. When I was scrolling though my Instagram feed I just froze. That picture stopped me in my tracks. He is not only the GOAT quaterback, he is the most beautiful football player I have ever seen.




Good luck to all the players eager to have their name called at the @nfl draft. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Practice good habits, on and off the field, day after day, and you can accomplish your dreams. This is a special time, but you’re only at the starting line. The real work starts next week, when the cameras stop, and nobody is watching. You wake up every day to decide what you want to become! What better of an opportunity is that? You have to earn it, EVERY DAY!

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Wow, WOW, WOOOOWW - I JUST CANT! I AM SWEATING. TOM BRADY YOU ARE PERFECT. The David was sculpted after you. I LOVE YOU! Post more fire pictures please! 


Who looks that good while working out? No one. No one, except Tom Brady. Here's to crossing our fingers that he blesses us with some shirtless pictures soon.