So MUCH March Madness Talk In The Office and I'm Like WHATS THE BIG DEAL?

All this talk about everyone wanting a perfect bracket, but no one can achieve it. Gosh! Doesn't anyone know ANYTHING about basketball?

March 29, 2019

USA Today


We are in the middle of March Madness and I know nothing about college basketball, but I do indeed love the sport. Back in the day I was a Peabody High Varsity shooting guard - shout out to Coach Heil. Although, I wasn't very good. Mostly rode the bench. 


ANYWAYS, everyone this time of year is talking about March Madness and how their bracket is either sucking hard core, or doing well. What gets me the most is how NO ONE ever has EVER had a perfect bracket. And I thought to myself - how has no one had a perfect bracket?? You would think if you knew a lot about college basketball you would be able to predict every single game's outcome. LIKE HOW HASN'T IT HAPPENED YET? It's so confusing to me.


So of course, because I am the most curious person around, (they call me whiskers. JK they don't but I've always wanted someone to call me whiskers) I googled too see how likely it was to predict a perfect bracket. Many mathematicians have come up with "the odds" of getting a perfect bracket based on many variables including how many games are played, likelihood of the best team winning, etc. etc. and every ratio is well.. HUGE.


According to Mashable, you have a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance of predicting a perfect bracket. I don't even know how big the number quintillion is. How many zeroes are in a quintillion ...??? No clue. Now it TOTALLY makes sense as to why Warren Buffett offers millions to whoever can predict one. I used to think that was a baller move, but like heck, there's not even a chance someone ever would. You ain't a baller Warren Buffett. I see through your bets. You just want to seem cool. WHILE YOU AIN'T! 


According to Mashable, you are more likely to:


- Being bitten by a dog every year

- Being born with an extra finger/toe

- Yellowstone's 'supervolcano' erupting

- Becoming the President of the United States of America

- Being crushed to death by a vending machine 

- making 8 half-court shots in a row

- Being bitten by a venomous snake, being injured in a car crash, and losing your job ALL IN THE SAME DAY

- Being hit by lightning 3 times in a year




But you know what, if you believe you can, then I believe you can. Currently, there are no more brackets left in the running to be "perfect" but there's always next year! Heck - maybe we will see one in our lifetimes. Statistically, not likely, but if you believe in magic in a young girls heart, a perfect bracket is out there somewhere sometime in a galaxy far far away perhaps.