March Madness Can Help You Make Big Life Decisions

Like how to pick what wedding you will attend out of the 500 million you were invited to this upcoming summer.

March 20, 2019



A friend I made in college lives all the way across the country, and unfortunately doesn't have the money/ PTO time to attend all his friend's weddings back on the East Coast. So, he came up with a fantastic way to help choose which wedding he will attend with the help of March Madness.



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Is this not just the smartest idea ever? Feel free to use this tool to help you solve any and all of your problems!

Do you break up with your boyfriend?

What concert do you go to this summer?

Where are you vacationing?

Which friend should you cut out of your life?

Do you buy that Chanel bag or put it towards your student loans?


The questions are limitless! Let March Madness help you!