A Listener Called JD Out for His Horrible Singing

And it was the greatest thing I have ever read in my life.

April 5, 2019

One of the most beautiful songs we play on 103.3 AMP Radio is, "Shallow". As it is a very popular song we play it pretty often, and listeners love listening to it!


However, JD seems to find it necessary to always sing along to it ON AIR! 


The Oscar winning song is basically ruined because JD likes Karaoke a little too much. Sure its funny, it makes me laugh every time, but one listener found it to be, well, annoying. LOL  And she commented on our Instagram. 

I would like to pronounce this listener my favorite listener of all time.


As I make fun of JD every single night, I welcome all listeners to make fun of him along with me, all in good fun of course!


As the world was shocked to know Bradley Cooper could sing, AMP listeners across the world are shocked to know that well JD can't sing. Can't even stay on tune. Well I guess its really not that shocking. Its just shocking that he does it on-air.


Love you JD, but maybe take some voice lessons??