Julian Edelman hates LA as much as we all do!

Julian Edelman hates LA as much as we all do! #BeatLA

January 22, 2019
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Boston vs. LA has been the rivalry for a long time, Celtics vs. Lakers, Red Sox vs. Dodgers this past fall, and now Patriots vs. Rams and Julian Edelman hates LA as much as all of us do.


When the Red Sox were playing the Dodgers in the World Series this past baseball season, Julian Edelman stated, ""I hate the Dodgers. I’m a San Francisco guy, so, I mean, it’s like Boston-New York diet over there. I hope they do make it, and the Sox pound ’em.”

Jules took to Instagram today to remind us of his strong opinion and I fell in love with him all over again.

Local tradition. #BeatLA

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Can't get enough of it really. I LOVE hating LA, and I love CRUSHING LA in championships. So here we go, off to Super Bowl LIII, and ready to bury another LA team. BYE RAMS! BYE! #BeatLA