Jamal Adams tackled Pat Patriot HARD at Pro Bowl

Jamal Adams tackled Pat Patriot HARD at Pro Bowl and it wasn't funny. Jamal is a bully!

January 24, 2019
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USA Today


Pro Bowl, in Orlando, FL, is an event where the best players from the NFL play a fun and entertaining game of the best players in the AFC vs. the best players in the NFC. HOWEVER, since the Patriots have been in the BIG GAME the last 3 years, us New Englanders could care less about the Pro Bowl except for the fact that it gives Tom Brady a weekend off to prepare to bring home another ring.

Jamal Adams from the Jets decided to tackle Pat Patriot yesterday during a Pro Bowl event. At first when you watch this you may think this is pretty funny, but let me tell you Pat Patriot got hit HARD.

Like did Jamal ask himself, Who could possibly be in the Pat Patriot costume? Because it probably is some kid who weighs 125 lbs soaking wet. Also, Jamal, YOU CANNOT TACKLE SOMEONE WITHOUT THEM LOOKING! Especially since you are professional athlete and Pat Patriot is probably a NARP (non-athletic regular person). Are you trying to snap his neck?

There have been no updates on Pat Patriot's well being, but if I was in the Pat Patriot costume, Jamal probably would have killed me.

So lets all tweet at Pat Patriot, send him flowers, and make sure that he knows Patriots Nation is standing with him. Because lets be real, Jamal Adams tackled Pat Patriot because he has no one else to tackle in January. That's right. The Jets suck! AND NEVER ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS.